Multimode Marketing

About Us

We pride ourselves on delivering results to our customers, by listening to them and developing their marketing plans with them. It’s important that we understand your business objectives in order to design, plan and implement the marketing campaign that will deliver the right results for your organisation.

Our team has over 30 years marketing experience in all elements of the marketing mix, and we work closely with our customers throughout their projects.

The role we play in your marketing activities will vary dependent on your needs and includes:-

  • Consultancy – this can be for a specific marketing project, or detailed strategic support for your overall marketing plans.
  • Planning – we can assist with project planning and budgeting. Effective planning and co-ordination can maximise results and save on your marketing budget.
  • Project Management – we can manage your entire project or work with your project team to ensure the project runs on budget and on time.
  • Implementation – rolling out your marketing plans can be labour intensive. We can help by sharing or taking the load from you, allowing you to manage your business.

You can choose the level of service you require from us, this will depend on your business and resources. We are happy to work with you and discuss your specific needs.